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My Team Members

March 23, 2010

I’m building a social media agency and a team
of 19 people to work with me. So our team will be 20.

We will be the best team around because we
are go getter and we are passionate about what
we are doing.

I’m still looking for 14 more people who will bring honesty, loyalty, patience, enthusiasm, helpfulness and determination. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. The past is the past. Together, we will move forward, learn, understand and help each other to get there.

To find out more about the Business you can go

My Business Journey

I’m very excited about my team members.
We come from different back grounds.

They are all from Twitter. You can find out more about my team below.

Click on names to go to there Twitter pages.

Bonnie Squires
# Location Kansas
I’m a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I’m building a social media
agency. If you’d like to join me in building a good team and exciting
future, let me know.

About Bonnie
When I’m not on the computer.
I love spending time with my family.
I like doing crafts,reading,baking.

# Location Santa’s Workshop
How may I help you? My services: retweet, compliment, engage or pun-ish. For more info, DM or Tweet #FeedMe @hannibal666

About Tim
Exploited Eastern European field worker, short order cook, Starbucks antagonist, and Twitter chagrin, @hannibal666 tells it just like it is.

Follow @hannibal666 on Twitter to enlightenment. Relish the humiliations. He’s just another unwashed, ordinary, big man with very big hands.

hannibal666 tumblr blog

# Location Fairfax, Virginia
Bio Washingtonians – Connect with Killer Hair here. Get your killer look on! A killer do looks great on you! 703-472-2364

About Remy
Remy (aka @getkiller) cuts, colors and styles hair for important, intelligent and beautiful people in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Outside the salon, Remy tweets, enjoys life with his beautiful wife, tears it up on his Ducati motorcycle and chills out with Netflix.

Follow @getkiller (Remy) on Twitter for the down low on style, what’s cool, DC and Northern Virginia life, and self-conscious aplomb.

Peter Tran
# Location Fairfax, Virginia
Bio Khanh Tran is a master tailor with 15+ years experience making custom tailored garments and alterations for well attired ladies and gentlemen in Northern VA.

About Peter

# Location Ontario, Canada
Bio Hello. I am an affiliate marketer with opportunities on how you can make money on the net

About Fred I am of German decent however I was born and live in Canada. I like positive people and I dislike dishonest people. I have been an affiliate marketer for approximately 4 years and the links in most of my posts are free programs.

Fred’s Blog

# Location UK
Bio Success is my only desire!

Entrepreneur, Information Technology Development, Business Development


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Did I hit a home run this month?


Did I hit a home run this month?

March 21, 2010

I can say I feel like I did hit a home run this month
Photobucket / CC BY 2.0

I’ve to say the being of the month I really
didn’t think I get much done this month.
But the last week and half things have been
going good.

I set up some goals for myself for Twitter and
Face book. Which I was able to stick to.

I’ve been talking with allot of different people
on Twitter and Face book to. Which was one
of my goals. Just need to do more talking so I
can get to where I need to be. I’m not sure
why I’m finding it hard to talk with other members
of Twitter and Face book. But once I start talking
I’m fine.

The goals I didn’t met was doing a blog each
week and adding any new members to my team.
But I’m not discouraged by this these are two things
I’ll need to work harder on meting these goals next month.

I like to thank these friends for there help and encouragement.
Diana Adams
Thomas Clifford
Libby Baker Sweiger

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post and will leave
a comment.

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