Bonnie’s Social Media Science Project: In Search of Guidelines (Part One)

What is Social Media?

Social Media is about influence in terms of our capacity to share our thoughts and feelings.

Social Media is about reaching out and touching the minds and hearts of others.

Social Media is about bringing ourselves to the world and interacting with others in positive, changing and encouraging ways.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about guidelines for our team. Guidelines that help us live our understanding of Social Media. We need to experiment and do things that build our competence in social media.

The big picture is not perfectly clear to me, but I’ve come up with three guidelines we can start with. Are you ready to get started? I hope so!


The team retweets every team member and team mentor at least twice per day. If they don’t like the tweets of other members, we should discuss this and figure out some guidelines for writing tweets that can be retweeted.

Social media is about influence and voices. It’s about sharing our thoughts and feelings with others. It’s about getting the message out there. Together, every team member tweeting each other will strengthen our voices and capacity to share out thoughts and feelings.

We retweet team mentors as a way to thank them for their time and effort to help us learn, understand, and become excellent.


Each team member will introduce themselves to at least two strangers per day. It can be anyone that is not following them. It’s best to find someone who has tweeted something interesting to the team member. This way they can simply tweet the stranger with a simple Thank You or a compliment about the interesting tweet.

Social media is about engagement and sharing with people that are out there. It’s about being open and friendly. It’s about reaching out and touching the minds and hearts of others.

Encounters should be followed up with a greeting from time to time. If the opportunity for a conversation presents itself, jump on it. Just be your friendly and considerate!


Each team member will search for lessons, insights, and knowledge about Social Media, Online Marketing, Web Trends, The Future of the internet, etc. and share this with each other. Every week, each of us will bring one researched item to the team that we find interesting, useful, and valuable to our endeavor to become social media experts.

For example@Faryna’s tweet was interesting to me.

Do you see the Purple Cow? @arrington bemoans Seesmic and @loic for a short-sighted business plan Developers In Denial: The Seesmic Case Study

What’s up with those Purple Cows!?

I’m going to ask @Faryna’s what he meant by a purple cow. I’m also going to learn about @arrington, @loic and Seesmic to find out what @Faryna is talking about. I’ll be checking out the tweets made by @arrington and @loic. I’ll google Seesmic.

It turns out that @loic is CEO of Seesmic. Seesmic is a start-up that makes things for Twitter. And Michael Arrington is an investor in Seesmic. But he’s also the CEO of TechCruch, an important online source of news and information about technology and start ups.

@Faryna’s tweet, it turns out, is about how @arrington’s article about Seesmic is a clever PR device: a Purple Cow. @arrington talks about Purple Cows in his speech to entrepreneurs and he describes them as a PR device to get attention in the media. So what @Faryna is telling us is that he believes @arrington is helping Seesmic get attention in a positive way even though @arrington’s article is down on Seesmic.

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12 Responses to “Bonnie’s Social Media Science Project: In Search of Guidelines (Part One)”

  1. Barryck Rifki Says:

    Interesting post Bonnie. Keep up the good work

  2. Stan Faryna Says:


    Brilliant! This is a smart and bold step in the right direction.

    Your team must be thrilled to be moving forward.


  3. Remy Says:

    Sounds like a plan! Let’s get this party started.

  4. Peter Tran Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m really excited about what you are doing here!

    So far, I RT’d you, @getkiller and BarryckR in the prescribed manner. I’ll be RTing others just as soon as I find out from you.

    I think it’s a good idea if you email and DM each team member with a list of team members and mentors. Maybe, every other day. That way we know who we need to RT!

    Thanks for doing a great job, Bonnie!

    Peter Tran
    Please follow me on Twitter: @Fairfax Tailor

  5. Remy Says:

    I RT’d you, @FairfaxTailor, @BarryckR and @Manfred2112. Let me know by DM if there’s anyone I missed.

    Rock this RT thing, already!

    DC’s answer to the need for killer cuts, color and style!

    You can follow me on Twitter: @getkiller

  6. bkdc Says:

    I wanted to say, congrats!

    Looks like you’re getting it together with you social media experiment. I’m proud of you!

    You might think about how others can join your team. I’m sure people will want to sign up.

    Again, congrats! Also, success!

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