Faryna’s (Manual of) Ironic and Practical Tweeting Style (#FIPTS)

Team Member Post: Faryna’s (Manual of ) Ironic and Practical Tweeting Style (#FIPTS)

By Peter Tran (FairfaxTailor)

I noticed a killer tweet the other day by Stan Faryna. It really caught my attention and curiosity.

@Faryna.Use “feed: [twitter addy]” to refer to the Tweep’s stream that you borrowed, begged or stole from… to write that brilliant tweet. #FIPTS

It wasn’t the first time I saw something like this. I’ve seen them before and I‘ve copied some of them down over the months. They seem to be the beginning of a manual of Twitter notations. But for some reason, @Faryna deletes them (and other cool tweets) from his stream. Go figure!

I asked Stan about why he deletes tweets like that. He answered with some thing like a koan. His DM in reply:

@Faryna The intense relevance of a single flower’s beauty is ALL about it being perishable.

Ok, whatever, Mr. Yoda! That’s way too zen for me.

Some #FIPTS tweets are ironic. Some are practical. I’m going to start using them more often. I also hope to come up with some of my own. It’s sooo… uber!

What’s really interesting to me is that the 140 character short form (some just say, microblogging format) has inspired new interpretations of traditional communication styles. In the failure of traditional authorities defining microblogging style (think Chicago Manual of Style), intellectuals, scholars and the uber-saavy are innovating style on the fly.

Have you seen other examples of this by anyone else? Let me know because I’d like to track the evolution of this.

Here’s what I have from my notes on @Faryna’s contributions to microblogging style. I’ve extracted the examples from random tweets by @Faryna.


Use “bcc: [twitter addy]” to make someone feel extra special and in the loop. Of course, everyone else saw your tweet. Duh! #FIPTS

cc: @getkiller

Use “cc: [twitter addy]” to send a public message that has a targeted recipient. Yes. They’ll see it in the tweets to them. #FIPTS

source: @mashable

Use “source: [twitter addy]” to reference a Tweep when you’ve summarized or paraphrased their tweet or blog post. #FIPTS


Use “feed: [twitter addy]” to refer to the Tweep’s stream that you borrowed, begged or stole from… to write that brilliant tweet. #FIPTS


Use “doh: [twitter addy]” to communicate your anticipation of the targeted tweep’s SSOF (slapping self on forehead) event. #FIPTS

Do any of them work for you? Let me know. Tweet me up!

Peter Tran

Please follow me and my mom on Twitter: @FairfaxTailor

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10 Responses to “Faryna’s (Manual of) Ironic and Practical Tweeting Style (#FIPTS)”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Hi Peter

    I’ve seen another one used by Stan Faryna
    and others and that is using via instead of Rt.

    Thanks for explaining these interest tweets.
    I’ve seen them and got some myself. Now I
    know what they are.

    Nice blog post Peter.

    I look forward to learning and growing our team
    together with you.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog post and welcome
    to the team


    • @FairfaxTailor Says:


      Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get involved in your social media experiment.

      Looking forward to learning and sharing with you.


  2. Remy Says:

    The latest fipts:

    Use “via: [twitter addy]” instead of RT. Cuz we refuse to be boxed up by mavens who fabricate statistics to market/monetize us. #FIPTS

    Great post, Peter. I can’t believe this is your first post ever. You rocked it! Congrats!

    I guess the only thing to do with this embarrassing envy I’m feeling is outdo you! j/k

    Congrats again! How’s it feel to be a rockstar!


    • @FairfaxTailor Says:


      I’ll never be as cool as you. Well, not until I get a Ducati and learn how to play the guitar! 😛

      Not to mention, I wouldn’t be half as cool as I am today without your cuts.


  3. Randall Krause Says:

    I like the lightness of the writing in the blog and the good information presented to enhance one’s use of Twitter.com.

    • @FairfaxTailor Says:


      I aspire to have a heart as giving and full of love and gentleness as yours. I read your tweets and I think, wow, I’m way way down the evolutionary ladder from @hymlayoga.

      Pass the banana. Please.

      Thank you for comment.


  4. Sally Petersen Says:

    Outstanding, Peter! Absolutely love the casual, but poignant style of writing and the content was spot on for Twitterverse! WOW…CANNOT BELIEVE this is your first blog post…I think you are on to something marvelous, my friend!

  5. @Florin_Cosac Says:

    I enjoyed reading your essay. It was well written. Sincere. I especially enjoyed seeing how your mind works through your thoughts and questions.

    Don’t wait to get started on making your contribution to Twitter style. Never put the work off to tomorrows.

  6. @FairfaxTailor Says:


    Thanks for your encouragement.

    I just started some tweets on twitter civility under the hashtag twitteracy (#twitteracy). They’re based on George Washington’s 100+ Rules of Civility.


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