My business jounery part 5

May was a good month. My team
members has gone down to 6 but I’m happy with it. I know I’ll get to where
I need to be soon enough with team members.

My team has progressed some this month. It is a big improvement over
the last couple months. Even throw
we have only made a small improvement it is better than nothing.

I would like to see some more improvement happen and some more
ideas kicked around from the team members. Need to see some more members engaging others twitter members myself included. Not sure
why with myself but I go on streaks
where some people I can talk to and
others I just can’t seem to get past that hi how are you stage. Any help with this?

I want to thank my team for working like a team should for encouraging and
inspiring me to keep going and do better. I know our team will be going onto do amazing things.

I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.

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