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Together,We Are Creating the Future of Our Twitter.

May 1, 2010

By Peter Tran (FairfaxTailor)

Checking out @curationstation’s twitter stream, I happened to click thru a tweeted link to @scottgould’s blog post on curation The End Of The Age Of Content as a participatory, collaborative process.

Gould’s big idea is that we must make Social Media social because,
frankly, it just isn’t social.

Gould’s criticism is that Social Media is dumbing us all down.
10 Ways to Market on Twitter, 20 Rules for Twitter Etiquette,
5 Things to do to get more blog readers, etc. – it’s what Gould calls depthless, dumb content. What we need more of – Gould suggests – is:

1. Conversation (talking with people – not at them)
2. Co-thinking
3. Analytical feedback
4. Collaborative curation, and
5. Originality

#thegentlemensmovement, for example, is how men are expressing
themselves on how they can make change… from the inside out.
@TheStyleGent started it, but there’s several contributors that have joined his bold voice. Myself included. It’s the ideal example for what @scottgould is saying we need more of.

Gould’s post got me thinking about the people on Twitter that I
follow. Some are friendly, kind and personable. Some are “botsu”.
Beyond their communication style or lack thereof, Gould’s question
comes to mind.

Are they contributors to our culture or are they
(as@hannibal666says it) polluting the fish tank?

@Faryna,for example, doesn’t tweet or retweet a lot.
But Stan Faryna does give us tremendous, deep insights ranging from God to online strategy. Perhaps, he doesn’t retweet often because he can think for himself. Don’t take my word for it, check out his blog: Stan Faryna Blog

Following Faryna’s Twitter Stream is a real privilege and that kind of privilege to connect with thought leaders like @Faryna makes Twitter untouchable by Facebook. I’m never going to ask him how’s his day going. And I don’t expect him to do #FF lists.

@hannibal666 is a disruptive voice that challenges the depth and charm of our muddy puddles with parody.
He has a frighteningly wicked observation of the ironic!
But #h666 couches his irony between silly,harmless quips.
Perhaps, he does this to disarm us.

@hannibal666 has the funniest blog ever about the people on Twitter.
His genius really shines thru when you take his feed out of real time and think about what he’s really saying: hannibal666 blog

But the most followed streams on Twitter
(celebrity streams included)
tend not to give us something to think about.
Something that helps us understand life.
Or the world that we live in.

Why is that? Is there something wrong with us?
Why does our common behavior as a group represent us as idiots and fools? The fact is that @scottgould can’t save us from ourselves.

Not if we can’t save us from ourselves!

Our future is the future of our making.

Peter Tran
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