What I learned from the Bit Rebels?

Diana this song is for you.

First I like to say congrats to
Diana Adams
Misty Belardo
Richard Darell
On there new blogging site Ink Rebels

These are the 3 I’ve gotten to know a little bit Diana Adams
threw here blogs on bit rebel and chatting with her a little bit.
She is very bright kind and caring.
Her photo reminds me of the sun all ways bright and cheer full.
Diana is a very bubbly person all ways happy.

Misty Belardo and Richard Darell
I don’t know to much about. I’ve not gotten to know them
like I’ve Diana and hope this will change.

The Bit rebel team blogs about ever thing any any thing.
Chicken,toilet paper,inspirational,blogs,twitter,people,animals,
Lego’s,breads,tutorials and so much more.

What I’ve learned from them is about how a team should be
working hand in hand together. It is awesome to see there
friendship and them promoting each other blogs as a team
and even chatting and joking with each other it is just great
to see.

I hope my team will be as good as the Bit Rebels them.

I want to thank the Bit Rebels for doing all there are hard
work on there blogs and letting me into there life’s.

You can contact me on Twitter


8 Responses to “What I learned from the Bit Rebels?”

  1. Misty Belardo Says:

    Thank you so much Bonnie.. I do hope to get to know you too. You know what, the reason that I love Bit Rebels and Ink Rebels, is really more because of the relationship that we have developed overtime. Writing has become so much fun because of the support and the things that we learn from each other. I do hope that you guys also develop the same type of relationship. Just remember, the key really as Richard would always say is having fun and respect one another always. Thank you again and hope to be able to share more relevant and interesting information 🙂

    • bonnie squires Says:

      Hello Misty

      Thank you so much for your comment.
      I look forward to getting to know you to.
      Thank you for the advice and I look forward
      to learing and sharing with you to.

  2. Diana Adams Says:

    Bonnie, this is one of the nicest things I’ve ever read about Bit Rebels and Ink Rebels. You brought me to tears. You have become a part of it all too you know. Neither one of those sites would be what it is today if not for dedicated readers like you who support us, so, really, all the thanks goes to you. You have truly touched my heart, and I love you dear. You are a ray of sunshine. Don’t ever change.

    • bonnie squires Says:

      Hello Diana

      I’m so glad I finally gave you the link.
      I shouldn’t have let my fears hold me

      I look forward to learning from you and
      the rest of the Bit rebels and Ink rebels to.

      All so sharing more of my journey about
      my business with you.

  3. Barryck Rifki Says:

    I loved reading your post about bitrebels that have revolutionned the blogging era. Am very tough competitive person, and i always thought about getting the best everywhere. But with their blogs i learned humility, and the spirits that can be shared between we bloggers..Kinda a secret society hehe…

    love your posts bonnie i went through some of them. thank you for these moments…

    • bonnie squires Says:

      Hi Barryck

      I thank you for your comment.
      I enjoy reading the bit rebels
      blogs and with them opening
      up to guest blogger is great to.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and
      hope you come back again.

  4. Remy Says:

    The way Diana and Misty have come here to celebrate what you are doing here is a testament to the quality of people blogging at Bit Rebels. They are good people and we have a lot to learn from them about social media, blogging, team work, friendship and kindness.

    DC’s hippest answer to the need for killer cuts, color and style!

    Follow me on Twitter: @getkiller

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